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Did you know that Quality Foods (a Vancouver Island success story) was the first grocer in Canada to offer a rewards program?  First introduced in 1991, the majority of customers now add points to their cards every purchase and bank them to redeem for gifts at a later date.

For those who are trying to downsize (or at least contain the clutter), your Q-Card can actually help your neighbours.  Instead of scanning your key fob – ask the cashier to donate your points to Nanoose Community Services instead.

Or – if you’d like to use your own points card to get the special discounts for card holders within the store – bank your points and then, from time to time, fill out the quick form at the cashier to give all that you have banked to date to NCS.   The good folks at Quality Foods then turn those points in to Q-Cards for our Food Bank clients.

It’s easy and it feels good to give what you might not really need to those who really do.

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