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Year in Review

Jean Russell

As I approach the end of my term as Chairperson of NCS I would like to thank those who have worked with me to develop and discern our plans for the future of our charity.

We are grateful to St Mary’s Church for providing us with office space and with whom we have introduced free monthly Community Dinners where all are welcome.

This has been a time of transition for us as we have completed our first year of issuing QF grocery gift cards to our Food bank clients.  I am happy to say that we have increased the amount given to clients twice in recent months.  The financial support that we now offer to our clients is similar to, or greater than, similar agencies.

We are grateful to our faithful team of volunteers who meet with clients on a monthly basis. They have executed their responsibilities with sensitivity and respect for our neighbours in need.  The mentorship of the Parksville Salvation Army has helped us develop an intake interview process for all clients which has given us a truer understanding of the actual needs of individuals and families.  Their help has been most appreciated.

Sadly, the numbers of those who find themselves in need continues to increase in our community.  Rental costs are high, food prices soar, costs of heating and transportation continue to grow, and employment is hard to find for many of our neighbours.  Nanoose Bay is a community which is home for both those who have much and those who have very little.

Ginny and Charlie Brucker recognized this need a decade ago and established the Community Cupboard.  Since then we have grown into a Registered Charity and continue to provide a Food Program, the Christmas Elf Program,  Emergency Assistance in times of crisis, Educational Bursaries to the High School and Public Educational Resources such as First Aid and Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Seminars.

We are very grateful to the residents of Nanoose Bay who are so generous and willing to share with others.  We are truly blessed to be part of a community and charity which together uphold the meaning of our Mission Statement – “Neighbours helping Neighbours”.

We look forward to another year where our public profile will be increased, where we can further our relationships with local businesses and organizations, and where we can live in a community of which we can all be justly proud!


Jean Russell

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