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Playing Santa

Elf Sponsor Family

The list was short:  a cake pan and a sweater for the Mum, jeans and a shirt for the son and a pair of leggings and blouse for the daughter.  No indulgences, just the necessities.  It seemed simple – shop for the gifts the family wanted and throw in a few extras from “Santa”.

With the busyness of the season, I started a little late and found myself running from shop to shop checking out what was available and wondering if the teens would be happy with certain labels and colours (thinking back to my kids at that age).

But then I realized the special nature of my task.  This was different – my kids were privileged; within limits they could make choices that these teens could only dream of.  I was “Santa” to kids who didn’t have the luxury of choice – they were happy to be clothed warmly for the winter, wearing something new was special.

I bought the necessities and then had the time of my life finding additions to the family’s Christmas wish list.  I shopped for warm pajamas for all, soothing bath/shower products, candles and gift cards.  It was the first time in a long while that I felt that warm glow that comes from helping others and the fact that it was anonymous was even better.

You, too, can sponsor a family or a senior in the community this Christmas.  Contact Maureen Moore (to sponsor or ask for more information) by completing the following form or call her at 250-468-5554. [contact-form-7 id=”15167″ title=”Elf Sponsorship Form”]



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