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Spirit of Giving

“I wish the Elves could all have been peeping in my window to see my little girl’s face light up with delight at the lovely, thoughtful gifts. When I opened my ‘mommy’ gift, having no idea what was inside, I was transported back to my childhood as I felt all the magic of Christmas once again”.

This quote from a single mother whose family benefited from the kindness of local residents exemplifies the spirit that we saw throughout the Christmas season.

She continued: “I could say that difficult times led to the ‘misfortune’ of needing a little help this Christmas, but I truly see it as a blessing. It teaches us all a lesson about being able to accept help, something that is difficult for so many of us, and it brings the kindness of people we may not even know into our homes at Christmas”.

Nanoose Community Services is merely the conduit for neighbours to help their neighbours and you all showed incredible compassion and love this past Christmas season.   130 children’s eyes sparkled with gifts received from residents of all parts of Nanoose who picked tags from one of the Elf trees and returned them to the elves for wrapping. Twenty-four individuals and four groups sponsored families or seniors – providing gifts specifically requested as well as many extra treats.  In total 85 households and were affected by the kindness of neighbours.

To quote the same single mom: “We are all so fortunate to live in a community like our little Nanoose Bay, where people care about their neighbours, and the spirit of giving shines like nowhere else”.

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