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Client Survey

Client Survey

With the help of our NCS founder, Ginny Brucker, NCS recently developed a client satisfaction survey to enable us to find out how our clients perceive our services, how satisfied they are with the assistance they receive, and how, from their perspective,  NCS could improve.

The survey was administered by two volunteers who were not on the Client Services Team at the time and could therefore maintain objectivity and neutrality.  Clients answered in writing and did not include their names, ensuring complete confidentiality.

The quality of service provided by volunteers is perceived as respectful, helpful and non-judgemental empathetic and generous.  “I like the fact that I am treated as an equal“.  “volunteers remove financial stresses associated with health issues“.

The food program: “without NCS I would not be able to survive“, “food cards are instrumental to our freedom” “the cards allow us to eat well“.

The Elf program: “I’m blown away with the generosity”

The Emergency Help Line: “responses are quick and services delivered when needed

There were also potential areas for improvement identified through the survey.  Clients would like more available options in transportation support (e.g. bus tickets, RDN DART, vehicle repair, etc.) and further development of an optical and dental support program.   Counselling options were requested – either within NCS or in collaboration with the SOS in Parksville. They would also appreciate clairifcation of policies regarding gas cards, eligibility, limits, etc. and overall better communication to clients of services and offerings.

The NCS Board and Client Services Team have listened to their stated needs and are working to ensure that the quality of service is not only maintained but improved over time to reflect our vision.

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