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Joyful music for NCS client

guitars gifted

A young Nanoose man, who has been struggling to get back on his feet with the help of NCS and other service providers, was dealt a tragic blow recently.   A thief broke in and stole his guitar.  The instrument was not only a prized possession but also a key factor on his road to recovering his physical and emotional health.

He called the NCS emergency help line and, explaining his misfortune, asking if there was anyone who might have a guitar (old, broken, or simply not needed anymore) lying around.   One of our volunteers posted the need on the popular Facebook site Nanoose Bay Networking, and “an angel” gifted not just one, but two guitars as a result of the request.

As the young man said “This really has given me back of lot of some of the happiness I lost with recent events. In fact it marks the best change in feelings since I started back in recovery.  It couldn’t have been more perfect timing or any finer thing to receive than I had dreamt of from anyone.  …words fall so incredibly short of how good this is for me.”

He is now organizing to use the second guitar to help teach kids how to play and has offered to “pay it forward” by playing his guitar at NCS events!

A big “thank you” to the neighbourhood “angel” from NCS.


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