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Community Series Success

The popular discussion series which began four years ago as a community-building initiative for Nanoose Bay has grown in popularity and breadth of topics and the word is spreading across Oceanside.

NCS, in cooperation with Fairwinds Community Association (FCA) and Fairwinds, has been a key supporter of the initiative since its inception under the Chairmanship of Jay Spence.  Although NCS’s key role in the community is to assist those who cannot otherwise help themselves,  we have a mandate towards the community as a whole. As our current Chair, Andree Fortin, has said, “we feel that our commitment to the Sunday@4 program is a way of giving back to all those who donate to NCS in order to help their neighbours in Nanoose”.

NCS provides only volunteer support to the program – no funds donated to the charity are used to support Sunday@4.

Topics this past season ranged from cannabis to nuclear power, and from the future of work to the fragility of our oceans.   Each program was led by a member of the local community with interest and/or experience in the topic.  Session leaders found resources from the media as well as local experts to address the issues and discussion with the audience followed.   The only Sunday@4 program that required payment (other than the optional dinner after each event) was the final wine and food pairing which was sold out.  If you missed the fun – check out the slideshow below.

The format proved to be popular and will be continued next season.  Watch for more information in your inbox shortly!

Photos & comments: Don Dempson

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