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Sharing Christmas Joy

Once more this holiday season the people of Nanoose Bay demonstrated their kindness, generosity and compassion for their neighbours in need.  A number of families and individuals in our community who would otherwise have gone without any extras this Christmas were treated to gifts of necessities, luxuries and items they dreamed of having but couldn’t afford, through the Nanoose Community Services (NCS) ‘Elf Program’.

“Throughout distribution day there were tears of joy from some of the moms and dads as they picked up gifts for their children, and the senior men in particular, were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity of means and hearts”, said Elf program coordinator Maureen Moore.

“Thank you all so much for your incredible generosity again this year”, she added. “The families and individuals who received your lovely presents were so very happy and appreciative of your kindness. All of them were simply amazed that complete strangers would be so thoughtful and giving, and asked that we express how grateful they are to all the wonderful people that helped change their Christmas in a joyful and meaningful way.”

“I want to say thank you for thinking of me at Christmas. The gifts were such a wonderful surprise and blessing.  It gave me warm feelings to know that someone cares”, one senior wrote in a note to Maureen and her ‘elves’.

In another note, a Nanoose senior says “the gifts were so well thought out and so useful. The tea, the lovely cup, the cozy fleece top and gloves and scarf, and a very handy purse pouch. Someone must know I am an outdoor person. From the luxury gift of bath products to the practical card for groceries, A BIG THANK YOU!

“The time and effort that everyone has put into helping make someone’s Christmas a special day is heartwarming”, said Maureen as she closed up shop for another year. “I hope your Christmas was filled with as much happiness as you brought to your neighbors”, she tells donors.

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