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A Brighter Christmas Thanks to Your Support

Once again this year, people in the Nanoose Bay community came together to ensure that their neighbours had a good Christmas, despite their lack of resources or difficult circumstances.  Whether it was through selecting gift tags from the various trees located around the neighbourhood, or through sponsorship of families and individuals, participants in the NCS ‘Elf’ program helped many in our community to have a better Christmas than they would have had otherwise.  And Chief ‘Elf’ Geralidine Taron, and her team of fellow volunteers were kept busy collecting, wrapping and delivering gifts to parents, children and seniors leading up to the big day.  In a post Christmas letter to donors and sponsors, Geraldine reported on the joy and astonishment expressed by recipients of this generosity.  Here is what she wrote:

Chief elf, Geraldine Taron with volunteer elf, Karen Murphy

“Did you hear the sounds of surprise and joy throughout our Nanoose community this Christmas? It was because of your generosity, that once again, made such a difference in so many homes. The families and individuals who received your lovely gifts were simply amazed that complete strangers would be so thoughtful and giving, and asked that we pass forward how grateful they are to all the wonderful people that helped change their Christmas in a joyful and meaningful way.

 There were tears on distribution day. The parents had tears of thanks and relief that their children would have a better Christmas than they imagined, and the individuals who were alone felt the warmth and kindness of total strangers. It gave them all hope that things would not always be so hard. Each and every one of them spoke of the generosity of both hearts and means of this community, and hope for better times when they can use their skills and qualities to pay forward the kindness that they have received from you.

We are always amazed at not only the generosity we see from everyone, and the thoughtfulness with which they choose and wrap their gifts (as sponsors ), or select tags from the trees…but every single one of you always tells us how much fun it was to go shopping for your gifts. We see excitement on your faces, and I’m sure, happiness, in knowing that you have reached out and touched someone.

We all benefit from acts of kindness, both the giving and receiving.

 As we close out for another year, I want to thank all the hard-working elves in our wonderful community for your kindness, generosity, time and effort that you put into making someone’s Christmas a very special day. I hope that your Christmas was filled with as much happiness as you brought to your neighbors.

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2020!”

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