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Locals Step Up In Time of Need

You may have seen throughout the community trees, fences, gates and houses adorned with colorful metal hearts in recognition and appreciation for health care and other essential service workers during this pandemic.

In the true spirit of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ local artists and other Nanoose Bay residents have stepped up to offer their support for those in need during this difficult time. Dave Kasprick, owner of Red Cod Forge has reached his goal of creating 2020 metal hearts, enthusiastically grabbed up by local residents and hung in various locations on their property to demonstrate support for emergency care workers and other essential workers.  On the same theme, local glass artist Todd Seiresen has produced numerous small glass hearts of various colors, offered to Nanoose residents for a small donation to NCS

Dave Kasprick
Glass hearts by Todd Seiresen

Nanoose entrepreneur Denis Holme offered this: “with everything that is going on in the world we are coming together to help each other out. That said, on my way home from work this week I will be offering a delivery service for any product from ‘Earthman’. I will wave the usual $50 delivery charge and instead make a cheque out to the Nanoose Community Services.”

He later added: “Thank you to all the people who had me deliver soil or bark mulch to them this past week. I made a total of seven deliveries and we raised $350 for NCS!”

Local seamstress Frances Sollors donated $500 to NCS, proceeds from the sale of face masks.  She also donated over two dozen face masks for use by NCS volunteers on the day food cards are distributed.

The Nanoose Quilters are also producing face masks to be distributed to NCS clients. They are hoping to be able to donate over 100 masks, says member of the group Judy Gougeon.

Another local resident, Heather Nickson wrote: “I have made 10 cotton face masks, which I would be happy to donate if your clients or volunteers need them”. “We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the Nanoose community and so appreciative of people’s willingness to lend a hand”, said NCS Food Team leader Marion Clark.

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