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Thrifty Foods Helps NCS support Local People in Need

We are delighted that Nanoose Community Services has been approved for the Thrifty Foods Smile Program again this year.  From 2017 to 2019 the Thrifty fundraising program, through your participation, contributed $2,000 towards the upgrade to St. Mary’s community kitchen.  The kitchen is a community hub which, in normal times, offers monthly dinners as well as hosting many other community events.  For the next two years, 5% of every dollar you load onto your Smile card will help provide opportunities for less advantaged Nanoose Bay children to fully take part in school, whether  through school supplies, food support, field trips or other activities.  

The procedure is simple: 

First:  Phone (250) 228-4553 or email  to ask for a Thrifty Foods Smile fundraising card. If you already hold a Smile Card from years past, it will now once again be generating 5% from the dollars pre- loaded at Thrifty’s.  

Next:  Take the Smile Card with you to Thrifty Foods when you go grocery shopping. Ask the cashier to load any amount you wish onto the card before paying for your grocery order.  Pay for the card with cash, credit card or debit card.

Finally: Pay for your grocery order with the Smile Card.

It’s that simple!

There is absolutely no cost to you. When your card is running low, load it again to continue to support NCS every time you shop!  For more information on the Smile Card, you can consult the Thrifty Foods website:

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