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Food Program News

A vehicle full of Harvest Bags

Cooking up Culinary Skills

The Nanoose Community Services Food Team tested out a new culinary skill sharing program this month,  met with great enthusiasm amongst members and volunteers. 

This month, Food Program members who expressed interest in being part of the skillshare, received Harvest Bags with local vegetables purchased from five local-to-Nanoose farms. Thoughtful tips and ideas for how to prepare and make recipes using the veggies were included with each bag.

The goal of the new program is to share skills and knowledge for preparing and enjoying food that is nutritious and affordable.

“It’s about increasing food literacy and strengthening community connections through the need and love to eat,” says NCS Food Team volunteer, Cait. “It’s been a really good day. We’ve been chatting and getting excited about the harvest we have around Nanoose right now, sharing favourite recipes and memories, likes and dislikes. Noticing the power of a turnip or a bunch of chard to bring joy and connection.”

The vision is to continue the program throughout the upcoming year, offering workshops, chef chats, community meals, local farm & market field trips..the idea list is long and exciting! 

Nanoose Community Services is always welcoming new volunteers to the Food Team. We are excited that the Culinary Skill Sharing program will provide some exciting new volunteer opportunities for members of our community. We may need drivers to pick up farm produce, volunteers to help organize, bundle and distribute produce, and maybe even share in some food prep. If you think you might be interested in becoming part of the team, please email

If you’d like to see the the NCS Culinary Skill Sharing program continue, please consider donating.

Harvest Bags this month cost about $25 and over 25 neighbour households in need in Nanoose received them. Your donation makes a big impact to the daily lives and well-being of your neighbours. 

To donate to the Culinary Skill Sharing program you can:

Donate by e-Transfer

You can use E-transfer via your online banking.  You just set up a new Payee called Nanoose Community Services or NCS and the email is:

Your bank transfer system will walk you through the amount of the payment etc.  Set up the security question as:  “what is my last name” and the answer will be the donor’s last name.

In the message box, indicate the “Culinary Skillshare” 

Donate online

All online donations are enabled by our giving partner:

ONLINE: Both monthly and one time donations can be made conveniently by credit card or PayPal by clicking HERE