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Elf Program 2021 Reflections: Thank You!

Elf Program reflections & thank you banner


Isn’t it great when we have the ability to show kindness and generosity – to warm hearts, soothe souls and ease troubled minds? Well the Nanoose community did it again by supporting the 2021 Christmas Elf Program and bringing gifts to fifty five households! It was a white Christmas, a chill was in the air but not in the hearts of those that enjoyed a wonderful Christmas owing to the outstanding generosity of the Nanoose Community.

Congratulations to each and every one who participated in the Elf program either by sponsoring, taking a tree tag and giving a gift and to those who donated. Thank you to those who volunteered their time to the program. Way to go to all the Tree Elves, the Tree Hosts, the runners the wrappers and the crafters. As in every year we are very grateful to the those who host our Elf Christmas Trees around which so much of our Program revolves. The thoughtfulness of those that dropped off chocolates and delicious homemade treats for the workshop Elves, we thank you!

Cheers to those who sponsored a family or an individual. We are always touched by your generosity, thoughtfulness, your attention to detail and the amazing care you take in choosing and wrapping your gifts. There were 32 sponsors, donating a whopping $16,944! 

Our deepest appreciation to those of you who saw one of our trees and took the time from your busy day to stop, in that moment you made the decision to selflessly help a stranger in our little community. You carefully selected just the right tag, went shopping and placed a gift under the tree. That’s a beautiful thing.

We so appreciate all the Christmas crafters who worked for months to donate their outstanding creations of beautiful knitted items and top shelf, quality quilts and assorted quilted items. These gifts will give so much in creature comfort for years to come.

Thanks so much to those who made cash donations to the program so that we Elves could do the shopping for you. This funding also ensures that future Programs like this, will continue to help our community to come together to help those who need it. Know that you have changed someone’s Christmas in a joyful and meaningful way.

On the big day, when the gifts are given out, my fellow Elves and I get to see and hear the expressions of joy and gratitude for your gifts. We feel such pride to be a part of this community. We have received notes and cards (some handmade) expressing their gratitude and here are a few quotes from those messages:

“To our beautiful Nanoose Community Services family, thank you for all you do, so much appreciation and love” – Senior lady

“I had barely enough money to cover rent but I was so grateful to have gifts to put under the tree for my kids” – Single Mom

“.. your care for me is beyond words” -Senior gentleman

“.. when I see my kids wearing your gifts and playing with their new toys, I think of all the people in Nanoose Bay and send a prayer for your well-being” -Single Mom

“.. a Christmas morning like no other, thank you” – Senior gentleman

As we close for another year, I want to thank everyone for your generosity in making the Christmas of some of our less fortunate neighbours a much merrier one. We hope that your own holiday season was filled with joy and love of family and friends and that the coming year is one of peace, happiness and good health.

Cheers from myself and all the elves.

Chief Elf