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Input needed

We'd love your input on the NCS brand

Can you share 5 minutes to share your thoughts on our name, logo, tagline?

Why we are asking for input at this time? As we move into needing to do more fundraising activities, like in-person events and applying to grants, we would like to update our communication materials to better explain how we currently operate. For example, we have a banner from back in the day that implies the  Food Program accepts non-perishable food donations (which we no longer do – we purchase and distribute grocery store gift cards) and so we often end up receiving well-intended bags of donated food and volunteers have to redirect to other organizations equipped to receive and distribute. We also get confused with Nanoose Place Community Centre, who graciously provide space to NCS to operate the Elf Program Workshop from, but is a completely separate organization (NCS does not have a physical location). 

We recognize a lot of who already knows what we do are folks who have been involved with NCS in one way or another, some since inception. This is wonderful and has enabled NCS to grow to be able to support 50+ households a month in the Food Program and the many people who receive gifts through the Elf Program. But as Nanoose, and technology for that matter, continues to evolve, one of our goals is to grow awareness so we can better serve those in need into the future.

Thank you for lending your voice!