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Marion Clark

Marion Clark


Originally from Edmonton, Marion and her husband spent 23 years living and working in Denver, Colorado after a work-related transfer. They have been living in Nanoose Bay since 2007, and the years keep on rolling! Their family includes two sons and six cherished grandchildren.

Marion’s work experience has primarily revolved around education. She embarked on her career in early education and later transitioned to adult education. Eventually, she assumed leadership of an adult education program within a Detention Facility, where she spearheaded the development of various programs and initiatives focused on literacy, ESL, GED, vocational training, proctored college classes, and post-incarceration job placement.

In 2017, Marion joined the NCS Client Services Team and has found immense joy in working with both volunteers and clients. She currently coordinates the NCS Food Program and is invigorated by the challenges and opportunities for community connection in her role. According to Marion, “the Nanoose Bay community’s generosity and support channeled through NCS has been extraordinary.”  Her sentiment reflects the collective spirit and commitment of our community in making a difference through NCS.

Marion loves exploring the local hiking and walking trails, tending to her garden, quilting, cooking, and singing with a women’s a cappella group.