Sponsoring a Family or Senior

Senior at XmasSponsorship within the Nanoose Community Services Elf Program begins by matching you, the sponsor, with a family or a senior depending upon your request.

You can be specific regarding the size of the family or the number of seniors you wish to sponsor.  We will then provide you with details on the people for whom you are buying (e.g. age, size, favourite colours, needs and wishes).  Depending upon your budget, you choose from our suggestions and then go shopping.

When you are finished, please wrap the gifts and tag them identifying the person for whom you bought the gift.  For example 10 year old boysix year old girl, Mum, etc. and return everything to Nanoose Place on December 14th beween 4 and 6pm.  Shortly thereafter, the NCS Elves will distribute them to your family or senior by private appointment.  If this is an inconvenient time for you, please arrange for a friend or neighbour to bring them within these hours – it is the only slot of time available for the elves to receive sponsor donations.

If you would like a tax receipt, please complete this form and place it in an envelope along with your receipts.  Include your name and address and hand it to us when you drop off your gifts on December 14th.   If your receipt also has your personal items, please indicate the items you wish to claim by either a circle, underscore or highlighter.

If you have further questions, please contact our Chief Elf, Maureen Moore by filling in the following form or calling her at 250-468-5554.

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